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Name:тнє ∂αяк σσc | out of character community
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when darkness descends upon your skin, don't let it fool you, don't let it in. don't turn to look or let it know, that you're really willing to let the light go. when the light is gone, darkness with embrace, those who wish it to take the light's place. when you find a passion in the dark of night, be watchful of love that blinds your sight. for darkness has a beauty that hides all lies, tricks you to think love is before your eyes. there is something hidden, that lurks in the dark, waiting to feed on your very last spark. be careful of what you see or feel, for you indeed may be it's very next meal. ( elisehfall2 )

by narrowly escaping the darkness you've made it to traverse town, a safe haven in this region, or at least that's what the moogles have told you. while trying their best to make the surreal transition as easy as possible they'll provide you with a specially designed phone, some munny, and a key to the local inn where you'll be able to stay for a short while. but, that aside, the entire experience will no doubt left you with a sour taste in your mouth. let in sink in though, because you've got a decision to make! will you fight the darkness so that you may ( one day ) get back home or will you ( embracing your second chance ) fight the darkness to protect your new home.

the darkness is a private pan fandom action / slice of life roleplay loosely based on kingdom hearts. with an assortment of worlds to explore and plenty of creatures to encounter there's no shortage of things to do. join the kingdom in its fight against the heartless while, at the same time, deciding where your heart and your loyalties lay.

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